After transplant, some medicines have to be taken for life , as the donated kidney has to be protected from rejection.

You will be responsible for taking the medications that have been prescribed by the doctor. You should talk to your doctor to understand fully :

  • The name and purpose of each medication
  • When to take each medication
  • How to take each medication
  • How long to continue taking each medication
  • Principle side effects of each medication
  • What to do if you forget to take a dose
  • When to order more medication so it doesn’t run out
  • What to avoid while taking medications

At home , you will continue taking most of the medications that you began taking in the hospital after the transplant surgery.

REMINDER : Never stop taking medication or change the dosage without a physician’s approval. Always plan and make sure you never run out of your medicines. In case of cyclosporine/ tacrolimus this should be specially kept in mind. Try to take each medications at the same time every day. Do NOT cut or crush a tablet unless advised to do so. Take Tacrolimus/Cyclosporin on an empty stomach and the doses should be apart atleast 12 hours. Take prednisolone and Azathioprine after taking meals.