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Dr Guleria is a very humble and great human being He is undoubtedly the best renal transplant surgeon in the country. His after care is very satisfying. I have been his patient for 10 years post transplant in 2012. I wish him good health.
P S Jha
I got my successfu transplant on 10th july 2016 by dr. Sandeep guleria sir. He is finnest surgeon in india. Apollo is very lucky to have him in his family. He is very humble very polite. He is a true gentle man. Sir u live 1000 years so that you can save many lives like me
Shahnaz Shabnam
He is gift of god for us, one of the best Doctor we have ever met always with positive vibes We were in terrible time few years back , regular consultation with him made it so easy to handle for us. He has always been very supportive with his all patients. We owe our life to him
Neha Thukral
He is one of the best doctor in kidney transplant, May to lives 1000 of years, He gave new life to me and my family by his efforts, if he is not with us it would be vary difficult for us, I am very thankful to him and his tam, We always pray to god that he live a very long and healthy life, every doctor should learn a lesson from him He is not a good doctor but also a nice and kind hearted person and a good friend. A big thanks to god for giving me in safe hands of Dr guleria. Thanks a lot
Deepak Bhatnagar
He is life saver for us. he saved life of my brother, we are thankful to him, he is very nice to us and understand our situation at the moment we were. Clinical stalf is also very helpful, my personal recommendations for emergency situations in transplants is Apollo Hospital Delhi.
Puneet Sharma
Apollo hospital is one of the top hospital for kidney transplant in Delhi and I am thankful to Dr. Sandeep Guleria and for all clinical staff and hospital staff also for their services and saved the life of my father. Especially Dr. Sandeep Guleria, always giving us moral support to boost up our family during the transplant schedule, he is very soft-spoken and understanding very well aware about the situation of family members in the situation
Anuradha Pathak
He is a god for me.. because he saved my mother life. MAY GOD BLESS HIM. And also he is my inspiration to be a doctor that is why i am on his way to become a best NEPHROLOGIST
Sourav Choudhary
Who says God is not present everywhere god is everywhere but the the image is different. Thanks Dr sandeep for your safe hands to needed people.
Paras Goel
I had my kidney transplant 10th July 2017. He is a good gifted man. A magician and a superb talent.down to earth and so humble.. He gave me 2 ND life... Huge regards to you sir. May Allah bless you. Best transplant surgeon in India and even on world
Tausif Ahmad
One of the BEST doctor for kidney transplantation. His behaviour & hospitality is so nice. I am greatful to him. Thanks Dr Guleria sir
M A Halim
Dr. Guleria is a great man and great Doctor. You feel so safe in his hands, Highly Impressed
Dr. Shobha Garg
Gr. Guleria sir is miracle man with booster of positivity in my life. May god bless you to always live with us.
Kumund Ranjan
I've always felt being in God's hands. Thank you Dr. Guleria
Divya Khanna
The best nephrologist our country has.
Nikhil Jagtiani

Best doctor for kidney transplant.
Arunima Singh
Can there be a better Doctor n human being than Dr. Sandeep Guleria? No.. Those who know him or are his patients know this. The best Kidney Transplant Surgion in the WORLD.
Aseem Kaistha
best doctor ever in the world my mother had a transplant in 2006 and till now she is completely fine because of him
Rupak Khatkar
He is a god for me. because he saved my mother Ie. MAY GOD BLESS HIM. And also he is my inspration to be a doctor that is why i am on his way to become a best NEPHROLOGIST.
Sourav Choudhary
Best Dr. in the world. Also very nice person.
Binti Gulati
Great Dr.
Ravi Singh

Best doctor for kidney transplant.
Dhananjay Kumar

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